Hello fellow wingnuts..!


As many of you will know, for over 2 years now, I’ve put up with constant but frankly, boring, stream of online abuse, accusations and threats from a tiny corner of TikTok.

Despite this, I’ve never retaliated or put posts up to defend myself as people who come into my lives very quickly see it’s pure jealousy from someone who believes they are the only angler on TikTok anyone should watch

I will not mention his name – if you know you know, but refer to them as ‘Karen Hearn’ – Karen because he incessantly whinges and moans about what other people are doing as well as trying to intimidate, threaten & bully – Hearn just because he puts himself on a par, or even above anglers like Terry Hearn & seems to think he’s an expert in pretty much any field you care to talk about.

With a combination of flooded lakes, work (yes, unlike him I do have a legitimate, full time income) and family visiting from Canada, I’ve not been out for quite a while now and have been getting messages that he’s started yet another account on which, as usual, he can’t stop talking about me 🙄🤣

As I’ve not been on the lives for people to come over and see for themselves, I thought it about time I put a few things straight so…

…get a brew, make yourself comfortable while I present you with the

(Queue fanfare) Ta da da da da taDA …!

The Karen Hearn fact checker

laughing at a cretin we call 'Karen Hearn'!

Right, let’s start at the beginning for some context

The lie : He taught me everything I knew in my first 4 or 5 months on TikTok

The facts : My first TikTok live was on 14th October 2021 (see 11th video in my TikTok timeline and you can see dates). It was only after a few lives that I started speaking with him. After a few, at his request I made him a moderator  (TBH I didn’t realise what this was but he told me I needed him on there).

We stopped talking on the 19th November 2021 while I was fishing Caistor Lodges, so, even if we were talking from the time I did my very first live (which we weren’t) this is just 5 weeks I’d known him before stopping all communication (see below for the reasons for this).

I was getting a ton of advice from loads of people, many of whom I still talk with, and have always been grateful for the help everyone has given me. He was in fact, the only one who would tell me how to fish and not just give tips. He’d actually put pressure on me to fish his way and would get annoyed if I listened to anyone else.

The lie : He made me what I am on TikTok

The facts : I already had another account on TikTok with nearly 20k followers and my dedicated fishing account was already building an audience before I knew him.  TBH I had more followers on this account than him very quickly (without having to pay for fake followers like he does every time he sets up a new account 🤣).

After making him a mod, It wasn’t long before I started getting messages that he was actually blocking people for no reason

We were messaging and even had some phone calls where he promised me he would stop but insisted I block them instead so he didn’t have to. I told him that as soon as they did anything like he was saying they would (racism, threatening etc) I would indeed block them. When this didn’t happen (surprise, surprise), he, along with a couple of others he’d had me add as mods, continued blocking and making things awkward in my lives. In the end, I was forced to remove all but a few mods*

HE DID NOT LIKE THIS and sent a message saying so. I then I called him and while I was explaining why I wouldn’t add him back on as a mod he put the phone down on me. We haven’t had any communication since. 

This was on the 19th Nov 2021 – OVER 2 YEARS AGO!! 

*These are the same mods I have today and I’ve never had a problem with any one of them – Thanks guys!

Since this time, the threats, abuse, accusations and outright lies from him have been non-stop and here are just a few examples

The lie : I run fake charity event and raffles

The facts : I’ve never actually done a raffle. In early 2022 though, a few of us got together to do a fund raiser to buy a wheelchair and other aids in the home for the wife of another angler. Loads of other anglers from TikTok got involved and all funds went directly to the recipient through the online fundraising platform. After setting this up we handed all access and control directly to the end recipient and we had absolutely no access to it. We raised over 3k !

As this was so successful I was asked to do other fund raising events but turned them all down because of the abuse he was giving. He knowingly and deliberately denied good causes fund raising opportunities and seems genuinely proud of it! Presumably because he’s not at the centre of it getting all the credit? 

Last September we did end up running an event with the MKAA (Milton Keynes Angling Association). I was fishing at another venue during the event but over that weekend we raised over £300 directly through my lives & over 3k in total.

All funds were accounted for and was the most successful event the club has had. He was of course still putting out lies that I was taking funds for myself even though I was 60 miles away 🙄

The lie : I scammed money meant for the Red Nose Day appeal

The facts : In 2023 TikTok ran a Red Nose Day event (and think they’re doing the same in 2024). I simply asked anyone that did want to gift me to use only Red nose gifts so TikTok would donate to the event. That’s it. That’s all I asked.    

The lie : I’ve used money from charity events to buy my own gear

The facts : I have bought new rods and reels as well as other gear but have used my own money. Unlike him I do legitimate work for a living so do have my own money to spend on what I want! 

I’ve also donated a lot of my own time and money to the charity events (without feeling the need to make a big song and dance about it) but make sure I am no where near the funds as I know he will be throwing these accusations around. 

The lie : I do a ‘Guess the weight’ and charge £1 so making hundreds each time

The facts : Er..No I don’t and never have!  I’ve done these competitions almost since I started doing the lives and anyone can have a free go. It’s just what I do to get people involved

If anyone does want extra guesses then they can get an 5 for a 199 coin gift – Now remember, TikTok take a good proportion of this (over half!) so I end up with < 20p / guess and as mentioned, this is entirely down to the participants if they want to have these extra goes, the first one is free for everybody.

The winner (the one with the correct fish weight) gets the prize whether that be some bait, a TMC Crew cap or hoodie etc. Very occasionally these are given as a promotion but I normally pay for these from my own pocket.

The lie : “It’s funny how only his mates win it”

The facts : Subscribers get 2 free guesses and early access to the sheet. On the last one, 3/4 of the weights were taken by subscribers as there were 80+ of them. Once all the subs have their weights on, anyone else who comes in the lives can then join in but we have a lot of people coming through and the majority will pop in and chat, at least for a while, so inevitably the winner is likely to be a subscriber or someone we talk with !  


FYI For the lives I pay for WiFi box to ensure I can do lives even when normal signal is poor, extra power packs, tikfinity to add a bit of fun to the lives, unlimited data plan, competition prizes and more. Gifts and subs go towards these costs but remember, TikTok take a good chunk of the gift / sub money. 

The lie : I’m only after the money whereas he gives his advice for free

The facts : The money made from gifts and subs does help towards what I do, however, I do legitimate work and am fortunate enough to be able to do this almost full time, something on the whole, I massively enjoy and the majority of us would do given the opportunity. 


With almost all anglers I’ve come across on TikTok, advice and tips are given out and shared for free. The difference between him and everyone else is he will TELL you how to fish. You will also be expected to credit him with every fish you ever catch even if he just suggested you use bait on the hook and put it in the water, he genuinely believes you then owe him praise and credit. 

The lie : I do sub only lives to force people to subscribe

The facts : I have done a few sub only lives but these are usually when I’m setting up or doing something where I can’t be by the camera so can’t read comments etc. These are not instead of the normal lives but are in addition to them. Frankly, I don’t see why those supporting with a subscription shouldn’t get a small perk every now and then do you?

FYI He has also tried getting subs and even lost mods because he was trying to force them to subscribe, blocking them from his lives if they didn’t. He ended up with about 5 but his account was banned so all were lost. Again, jealousy means he has to slate anyone doing something he can’t.

The lie : The ‘snowflakes’ and TMC Crew get his accounts banned

The facts : I NEVER watch his videos or his lives. All I see is when people send me screenshots, recordings or links where he’s ranting (again 🙄). Most stop sending them to me as I tell them I just don’t care.  

His TikTok accounts (and he’s had A LOT!) are banned because he’s offensive, threatening or even harming wildlife while on a live. Reporting someone for threatening behaviour directly towards you or anyone else on the platform is not being a snowflake, it’s being a responsible and decent person, something he doesn’t quite understand 

His whole hatred of the TMC Crew, which is just a community with a wide demographic from novice to some highly experienced and reputed anglers, again boils down to nothing more than jealousy. There are plenty of other creators and community groups that we talk to and they even post in the TMC Crew Facebook group. 

The lie : I’m a coke head and get smashed drinking on the bank

The facts : Oh dear! Right.. I don’t do drugs and in fact, really hate the smell of ‘special cigarettes’! I quit smoking cigarettes around 2006 and have never vaped. I haven’t drunk alcohol since early 2021. The only pills I pop are a low dosage blood pressure tablet and the only white powder I touch are the 2 sugars in my tea!

The lie : I pay lake owners to pre-bait my swims 

The facts : FFS seriously?? 🤦‍♂️🤣

The lie : I bribe event organisers to give me the best swims

The facts : I feel like this should simply be answered the same as the above but just to clarify, at any social or match, my name is put in a hat with everyone else. If a random draw is not done for whatever reason, I will normally be one of the last to choose as I actually prefer to be told where I’m fishing rather than picking for myself! 

When fishing the team league last year, swims were preset as we knew the water and were put where we would contribute best to the team. For example, In the last 48hr match, I had 16 fish to 28lb with a total weight of nearly 300lb – more than the other team put together. Others in the team fished where their knowledge & skills were better placed and this put our total league weight at just over 300lb ahead at the end of the last match we did.

The lie : I’ve charged people to fish with me

The facts : er.. no I haven’t – not a lot more I can say about this tbh – another total fabrication ! Any social event I may have promoted has been at the request of the organisers and any money to fish the event paid directly to them. Nothing to do with me!

The lie : I’ve been fishing 2 yrs and now think I’m an expert

The facts : I’ve fished since I was a kid. It is true, however, that I only get into carp fishing when I was in my late 30s and only for a couple of years before my fishing came to an abrupt halt around 2003.  

I restarted in August 2021, initially with float rod to see if I thought id get back into it then got carp stuff sorted a few weeks later in Sept 2021. TBH It was like starting pretty much from scratch and have had to learn so much along the way. 

At NO time, unlike him, do I make out I’m any kind of expert. People ask questions and I give my response but do ask others in the lives etc for their opinions too. This has helped me progress as an angler too. Unlike him I don’t tell people how to fish or block people who fish using different methods, rigs, baits etc.

The lie : For likes and gifts, among other things, I have..


  • Thrown my bivvy in the lake
  • Deliberately fallen in
  • Got a mate to set his bivvy on fire

The facts : Lmao 🤣 sorry but this cracked me up!! I don’t actually think this justifies a response other than to simply laugh at it – although it is true I’ve fallen in A LOT of lakes!! 🤣

The lie : I’ve sent him threatening and abusive messages /comments on his videos etc

The facts : Since the last time we spoke (Nov 2021) I’ve never called, messaged, commented on his videos, lives etc. On the other hand, he’s tagged me in violent videos saying it’s what he’d like to do to me. He talks about me and TMC Crew  CONSTANTLY and makes up whatever comes off the top of his head.

 I have actually asked anyone in TMC Crew not to get involved and just ignore him but when they get personal threats from him including ‘I’ll cut your kids throat’ (I kid you not!) or calling someone’s 10 yr old kid a sket you can’t blame people for getting upset

He blames TMC Crew for any abuse he does get but it turns out he’s actually been well known for his behaviour for years on Facebook before getting on tiktok and well before TMCCREW started. Accusing the TMC Crew for everything gives his venomous anger a focus when in fact he’s upset HUNDREDS of people, many of whom have probably never even heard of TMC Crew

The lie : I target kids and the naive

My demographics show the biggest age range of my 26k + followers are 25 – 35. Obviously we get younger viewers in but I’m not going to block them for no reason and a lot of the time we don’t actually know who’s watching. On the other hand, he’s known to try impressing youngsters by telling them he carries knives, knuckle dusters and shoots wildlife with BB guns etc. ‘Beats up’ dead tree trunks to show his Bruce Lee skills (lmao 🤣) and acts like a wannabe gangster FYI I also don’t get kids to private message to ask even the most basic questions (youngster asked what rods he uses – told him to PM him and he’d tell him!). Seriously 😳

The lie : Everyone else is a keyboard warrior – he’s just standing up for himself

The facts : No, simply NO! I’ve never seen anyone just go at him for no reason, he is always the aggressor. Whether it’s in comments or on his lives. Go into any of his lives and all he talks about is other people and what he’s going to do to them etc 

Go into their lives, however, and other than answering direct questions about what he’s been saying, he’s never mentioned! TBH I’ve had so many come over and join my lives he’s become my unofficial marketing manager. Cheers mate 😁👍

The lie : Ben Heslops’ one eyed brother Josh is a known card scammer and he has proof 🤣🤣

The facts : If you don’t already know, Ben Heslop is a good friend and an instrumental part of the TMC Crew. Josh works in Angling Direct and is another top fella. He has given me a huge amount of help and advice since I restarted my fishing and has been on the bank with me and joined in on a couple of my lives.  

  • Josh Heslop doesn’t exist – That’s not his name!
  • Josh is not Bens brother

The fact that Karen says has this ‘proof’ about Josh Heslop scamming cards – a serious accusation- shows how he will make up whatever lies he can think of to discredit people and makes you realise nothing he says can be believed. 

TBH We’ve had some good laughs with Josh and AD mangers about these comments !