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A safe space  for anglers of all abilities to help improve their carp angling skills

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Darrens PB

After a long hunt with a lot of highs and a fair share of lows, Pete finally got the beauty that is Two Tone on the bank 🔥👍

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Minty with a new lake record from an extraordinary session

Why become part of the community?

Whether you’re a complete beginner trying to figure out which end of the rod goes in the water or a seasoned pro who speaks fluent ‘carp,’ you’ve found your school of fishy friends. Cast your worries away, swap your fishy stories, and join our crew of angling aficionados.

We’re here to reel in the fun, one carp at a time!

"Fine & Bleedin Dandy"

Come & join us! There is no joining fee or subscription, simply agree to abide by our code of conduct and tag us in your social media posts. That’s it! In return, you will have access to the group discount codes 

What is the 'TMC Crew'?

At the end of 2021, while doing lives on TikTok, some of the regular viewers decided they wanted a hashtag they could all use to show that they were part of the group.

A few tags were considered and a vote taken. Believe it of not, TMC Crew, was chosen and yes, at 55 I was suddenly heading up ‘a crew’ (yes, it’s VERY tongue in cheek)!

Since then, the group has grown and we currently have over 1,700 members in the Facebook group and #TMCCREW has had over 5 MILLION views on TikTok!

As well as sharing catches, venue info, fishing and bait tips, we have also had several social events and there are plenty more in the pipeline.

What’s more, our members also benefit from discountsfrom bait companies, end tackle, PVA, clothing suppliers and fishing break destinations and there are more coming on board.

We are all inclusive and positively promote the idea that fishing should be, above all, fun and to be enjoyed by everyone.

Join us on Facebook or come and join in the lives on TikTok and be a part of it too.