Steve B’s Bluebells PB

Steve's PB Was 29:12lb Now 42:8lb !

A New PB Mirror

After arriving at bluebell lakes on Thursday morning I had a look around and decided to set up on ‘Mallard’ on a double swim. 

The reason I chose this peg was because of the strong wind hacking into a line of reed beds and had also had seen a few fish showing just out in front of the peg in the deeper water.

While there was no action from the deeper spots, I still had one rod in 8ft of water around to my left were I originally had seen fish showing along the reed beds. 

I had to wade out to cast and had a pva bag full of Nutrabaits Big Fish mix 2mm pellets 

The hook bait was a 14mm Nutrabaits ‘Pink Pepper’.

After sitting on my hands for a while, I was starting to get a few liners on my left rod giving me confidence my tactics would pay off and it was this one thatย eventually ripped off and I was rewarded with a gorgeous 25+ mirror.ย 

Once in the sling I knew it was big!

After that the swim went really quiet for a few days so I changed tactics and baited up heavily over by the reed beds but left the spot for around 8 hours. When I thought it had rested enough,ย I put it back on the spot.ย 

It was just 45 minutes later when it ripped off once more.. I had been hoping to beat my PB which stood at 29:12lb, and after slipping the net under the common I knew straight away it had beaten that and knew it was be a 30+

In the sling, I knew it was big but I didn’t think for a minute it would be 42:8lb! I was absolutely OVER THE MOON!ย 

They say ‘Everyday is a learning day’ and resting a swim really does work!

Onto the next session!ย 

Steve With a stunning 42:8lb common from Bluebells Lakes


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