Baylys Baits

Baylys Baits

Many of us in the group have converted from using big company baits to those from smaller suppliers and Baylys Baits are the latest suppliers to come on board supplying high quality baits with customer service to match!

They offer a range of flavours with hook and loose bait variations to suit your fishing situation including high leakage ‘Venom’ and luminescent ‘Illuminati’ options too!


The Apex range of fishing bait that will take your angling game to the next level! We’ve crafted a unique garlic-spiced liver sausage blend that was initially designed to lure in those elusive catfish. But it’s proven to be an absolute game-changer, not just for catfishing but also for reeling in some mighty carp!


The secret lies in our carefully crafted fish meal base, featuring a combination of top-notch ingredients like LT94, salmon, krill, and sardine fish meal.  It’s like an all-star lineup of irresistible flavours that fish find simply irresistible.  

Now, here’s where things get really interesting!  Picture a tropical paradise, and imagine infusing that vibe into your bait.  That’s right, Secret Sauce comes with a delightful twist of tropical fruits, creating a flavour that attracts fish from all over the lake.


This flavour is a true gem, boasting a rich blend of roasted peanut protein, roasted peanut meal, and tiger nut meal. It’s a nutritional powerhouse packed with the goodness of natural proteins that the fish can’t resist.


We’ve concocted this flavour on a birdseed and hemp base, ensuring a nutritious and irresistible bait that fish simply can’t resist. High in carbs and milk protein, it provides the perfect balance of nutrients that fish crave year-round. This means you can rely on Pineapple Express to attract fish in any season, making it an essential part of your fishing arsenal.


As the name suggests these Hook baits provide the pinnacle of performance for Carp bait!

Available in all of our flavours, these Hook Baits are the ultimate carp bait from Baylys Baits that will take your carp fishing game to the next level & are specially crafted to catch much bigger carp all year round. The results some of our Anglers are reporting back to us are just blowing our minds.

If you’re serious about catching big carp, then you need the right bait. Carp require a diet that is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, and they are more likely to be caught by baits that offer them the nutrition they need. That’s why we offer a range of high-quality carp baits that are designed to provide the nutrition that big carp crave.


It’s not MAGIC it’s SCIENCE!

We all know, from research*, that carp have excellent eyesight. Plus we know that fluoro bright coloured bait can be devastating when hunting carp. But fluoro works by reflecting light so what do you do when it’s deep, dark, or murky?

Our Illuminati hookbaits are charged up for 3-15 mins using our UV TORCH and once they are they will glow and slowly reduce in brightness over 12 hours. Giving you that added edge that might just turn a carps head your way.

*See source

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