Freddys first carp

Making memories

A first carping session

I’ve been fishing a few times and used a whip and a float road. I have also been out with my Gramps to a carp lake and really wanted to give carp fishing a go so he took me along with some of the TMC Crew to Crowsheath Fishery

Crowsheath Fishery Essex

Before we even set up, Gramps fell in the lake and I found out from the others that this is something he does ALOT! 🀣

We got all the bivvy set up and I was excited to have one to myself with Gramps in his own one next to me.Β 

I asked if I could make some mesh bags and sat and made a load up. Ben then took me to the pleasure lake where he’d seen some fish swimming about. He showed me how to set up the feeder rod which Gramps found useful too because he’s never used this type before (they were all very different when he was feeder fishing as a youngster)

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get one but it was exciting to watch the rod tip just hoping it would bend round with a fish on.Β 

The night was quiet but we had the feeder rod set up so Jamie & Gramps took me back to the pleasure lake to try and get my first ever carp.

I got used to packing the feeder and did underhand casts to get the feeder where I wanted it.

I was really excited when the rod tip bent right round and I picked up the rod and felt a fish on the end. I’d only ever caught little fish like small roach and rudd before so I was really surprised at how had this one fought.

Gramps helped net the fish and I was shaking as it went into the net and I had caught my very first carp!Β 

This one felt REALLY big!

After this we went back to the main lake and got the rods back out again.

Gramps had shown me how to put baits on the rigs and I’d been doing some casting practice and said I was doing really well 😁

I cast one rod to the end of the island infront on me and the other one between two overhanging trees.

We were stood around chatting when my alarm went off! When I got the rod I could feel it was a much bigger fish and I was really excited!Β 

Gramps stood with me and told me what I should do as the fish kept pulling and going in all directions! Steve helped with the net and Ben got the other rod out the way when the fish went underneath it and crossing lines.

I was SO happy when it went in the net!


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As it got closer and closer I was getting more and more excited but Gramps and the others kept me calm by telling me to take my time and not rush to get the fish in.

I was SO happy when it went in the net!

After the fish had been put in the sling, I leant how to prepare to take it out to weigh and photograph it. We got it in the cradle and Ben showed me how to use the fish care and we then had photos done with Gramps showing me how to hold the fish while the others took pics.

It was then I found out why Gramps had told me to take a towel with me as they gave me two buckets over the head for my 2 PBS, something I hope they’ll have to do again soon!

Thanks Ben, Steve, Sy, Jamie and Gramps, can’t wait till the next time 😁


Freddy celebrates his PB carp with Gramps and the gang