Hello my fellow wingnuts..!

As many of you will know, since the end of 2021 after removing a certain ‘angler’ from my live moderator list,  I’ve put up with constant but frankly, boring, stream of online abuse, accusations and threats from TikTok’s most toxic angler (I will not mention his name – if you know you know, if you don’t, Lucky you!)

Despite this, I’ve never retaliated or put posts up to defend myself as people who come into my lives very quickly see it’s nothing more than pure jealousy from someone who believes they are the only angler on TikTok anyone should watch.

I hoped he would eventually grow up and stop the infantile behaviour but new fake allegations keep being posted by him with his handful of cult followers posting comments pretending to be random people (yes Billy, we know your game!), I’ve decided it’s time to show just some of how this narcissistic, hypocritical bully tries tries to discredit and intimidate people.

SO…grab a brew, make yourself comfortable while I present you with 

(Queue fanfare) Ta da da da da taDA …!

The Toxic Carper Fact Checker

Right, let’s start at the beginning for some context

The facts : My first TikTok live was on 14th October 2021 (see 11th video in my TikTok timeline and you can see dates). It was only after a few lives that I started speaking with this guy. After a few lives, at his request, I made him a moderator  (TBH I didn’t realise what this was but he told me I needed him on there).

It wasn’t long before I realised he was blocking people in my lives for no reason other than he didn’t like them (which is a LOT of people) . I had asked him to stop on several occasions and he agreed, only then to carry on blocking people the next time I was live. In the end I had to remove him from my moderator list, not realising this is a obviously a heinous crime deserving of the torrent of abuse I’ve had to endure ever since.  

He has told people he was like a mentor to me for several months, however, this was on the 19th November 2021 while I was fishing Caistor Lodges, so, even if we were talking from the time I did my very first live (which we weren’t) this is just 5 weeks I’d known him before stopping all communication. He likes to tell people he made me what I am on TikTok but I already had an account with 20k followers before I set this one up purely for the fishing which had grown very fast after my first lives before I even spoke to him.

Throughout my time on TikTok, I’ve had a ton of advice from LOADS of people and have always been grateful for the help everyone has given me but he is the only person who wants continual credit for any advice he imparts. He was in fact, the only one who would tell me how to fish and not just give advice and would try to put pressure on me to fish his way, getting annoyed if I listened to anyone else.

Now, nearly 3 years after starting on TikTok he’s still trying. Laughably, he pays to get his new accounts up to over 1000 followers so he can go live and uses boosts to promote his posts so they show in peoples FYP.  I know that apart from a very small handful of people, anyone that knows him for more than a few weeks recognise that he has some serious issues and is known as an angry, narcissistic and petty guy. A middle aged man who acts like a petulant child throwing tantrums when something doesn’t go his way. 

He regularly threatens women and children and his answer to anyone that doesn’t agree with him is to  throw insults that would be considered childish in most school playgrounds.

The lie : I, through TMC Crew run fake charity events, fundraisers, raffles etc

The facts : In early 2022, not long after the TMC Crew had started, a few of us got together to do a fund raiser to buy an electric wheelchair and other aids in the home for Catherine, the wife of another angler. Myself and others, as the TMC Crew and loads of other anglers from TikTok got involved and all funds went DIRECTLY to the recipient through the online fundraising platform and we had NO control or access to any of the funds raised. This didn’t stop him making up allegations of fraud and scamming though. 

In the end we’d raised 3k!


TMC Crew with MKAA presenting cheque to Willen Hospice

In September 2023 we did end up running an event on behalf of the MKAA (Milton Keynes Angling Association). I was fishing at another venue during the event but over that weekend we raised over £300 directly through my lives & again, raised almost 3k in total (MKAA contributed to make the total 3k for Willen hospice).

During the event, he was of course fabricating lies that I was pocketing money even though I was 60 miles away 🙄 I was at a league match but had managed to raise £300 through my lives by getting people to donate DIRECTLY to Willen Hospice through their website so again, I had no access to any funds.

The lie : I scam money meant for the Red Nose Day appeal and used it to buy fishing gear

The facts : In Feb 2023 TikTok ran a Red Nose Day event in which they were donating their share of gift money to the appeal. During that time, I asked anyone that did want to gift me during that time to use only Red nose gifts so TikTok would donate to the event. 

He, however, has somehow imagined up a scenario where I’m begging for gifts and telling gifters that 100% of the funds were going to Red Nose. Absolute lies AGAIN.

TikTok repeated this event in 2024 but I was not on the bank during or around that time due to work commitments (something he should try maybe) but he STILL insists I somehow scammed the event. 

Maybe getting his nose out of the powder long enough to think coherently may give him time to realise how ridiculous he’s making himself look with these transparently baseless accusations

The lie : I do a ‘Guess the weight’ and charge £1 a go (or £5 depending how angry he is at the time) 

The facts : Er..No I don’t!   

Everyone can have a free go but with the issues I’ve had with him, I now do it in the TMC Crew Facebook group. This is free to join. 

As has been the case from the beginning, this guys jealousy knows no bounds. Amusingly, he’s desperately tried making money in various ways himself including through gifts and subscriptions but failed dismally and he can’t accept that people are doing better than him

The lie : “It’s funny how only his mates win it”

The facts : Subscribers get 2 free guesses and early access to the sheet. On the last one, 3/4 of the weights were taken by subscribers as there were 80+ of them. Once all the subs have their weights on, anyone else who comes in the lives can then join in but we have a lot of people coming through and the majority will pop in and chat, at least for a while, so inevitably the winner is likely to be a subscriber or someone we talk with !  

FYI For the lives I pay for WiFi box to ensure I can do lives even when normal signal is poor, extra power packs, tikfinity to add a bit of fun to the lives, unlimited data plan, competition prizes and more. Gifts and subs go towards these costs but remember, TikTok take a good chunk of the gift / sub money so these rarely cover what I pay to try and make the lives enjoyable

The lie : I’m only after the money whereas he gives his advice for free

The facts : Like every angler I know who does lives on TikTok, I  gratefully accept gifts and do have subscribers. For those who aren’t aware what these are, they are small gifts, normally worth 1p, which people can give during a live. The ‘host’ e.g. myself, receives less than half of this. In the case of subscriptions, it’s even less!

The money made from gifts and subs does help towards what I do but does not even cover the additional costs I spend to try and make the lives as enjoyable as possible e.g. wifi box, TikFinity interactive software and additional power packs & ‘Guess the Weight’ prizes. Fortunately, I do have a legitimate income and am fortunate enough to be able to afford to do this 

Nothing I do is at a charge. People can support by gifting,  subscribing or buying merchandise (all things he’s tried himself but failed)) but no one is excluded if they don’t. 

Unlike this textbook narcissist, when I give advice that has helped someone, I am genuinely pleased for them. He, however, expects them to constantly    praise him publicly for his help 

The lie : I do sub only lives to force people to subscribe

The facts : There have been literally a handful of times when I’ve done a sub only live but these have been when I haven’t been able to watch or interact with viewers comments e.g. when setting up / packing down. I’ve always made it very clear that these are ‘as well as’ the normal lives and not instead of.

Quite laughably, he’s tried doing this himself but was an absolute failure

The lie : The ‘wingnuts’ & ‘snowflake’ TMC Crew get his accounts banned

The facts : He like blaming the TMC Crew and me in particular for pretty much everything yet he had the same problems before I was even on TikTok and, as it turns out, he was well known on Facebook before TikTok even existed!

I get people coming over to us to ask who we are cos he’s calling them a TMC this or TMC that but the’ve not even heard of us! 

Even when I was talking with him I didn’t watch many of his lives as I simply didn’t find them that interesting so there is no way I’ve bothered watching any of his lives or posts since.

The only time I see anything is when I get messages from people concerned about what he’s said he’s going to do to me. e.g. slice my face up so my grandkids won’t recognise me. What a lovely little chap hey? 

The lie : I’m a coke head and get smashed drinking on the bank

The facts : Oh dear! I don’t drink or smoke and the only white powder I touch are the 2 sugars in my tea. Again, an absolute fabrication that just  shows how he will make stuff up but doesn’t have the intelligence to realise how easy it for people to see its complete bull.

The lie : I pay lake owners to pre-bait my swims & bribe event organisers to give me the best swims

The facts : FFS, seriously?? 🤦‍♂️🤣

The lie : I’ve charged people to fish with me

The facts : er.. no I haven’t!

The lie : I’ve been fishing 2 yrs and now think I’m an expert. 

The facts : I’ve actually fished since I was a kid. It is true, however, that I only get into carp fishing when I was in my late 30s and only for a couple of years before my fishing came to an abrupt halt around 2003 and I had an 18 yr break until I picked the rods up again in 2021.  

One of the reasons my audience grew so well was because I wasn’t scared to ask questions and show my naivety & inexperience. I now get to fish A LOT and on many different waters with lots of different people. This means that in a relatively short time, I’ve picked up a lot more than most would have the chance to , however, I am always looking to learn and when someone asks my opinion or advice, I will give it BUT always ask if anyone else has a something different to add. This way, we all learn.

What this guy does is tell people how to fish and if they dare suggest they’d do things differently very often blocks them (after calling them a TMC **** obviously) 

The lie : For likes and gifts, among other things, I have..


  • Thrown my bivvy in the lake
  • Deliberately fall in all the time 
  • Set a bivvy on fire and pretend it was an accident

The facts : Lmao 🤣 What an absolute cretin!!  sorry but this cracked me up!! 

I don’t actually think this justifies a response other than to simply laugh at it – although it is true I’ve fallen in A LOT of lakes!! 🤣

Darren does have a habit of falling in so he has additional safety equipment

The lie : Me and others in the TMC Crew send him threatening and abusive messages /comments on his videos which is why he gets angry – he never starts it

The facts : 


Sorry for the pause, I was just getting my violin out 🎻

You only have to see how he talks to people to see where all the anger derives from. The guy sends hate in all directions then acts the victim. I was sent a video HE’D PUT UP showing him verbally abusing and threatening a random stranger at a train station – because he was in his way! 

The lie : I target kids and the naive

Why has the vault of  ‘evidence’ he always says he has locked away, not been sent to the police? He’s had over 2 years to do this so, if you do want to believe it then maybe you should be asking why he doesn’t care enough to do anything about it?

These are just a few of the points that I feel need to be addressed at this point but know there are MANY, MANY more! 

I am not going to get drawn into a slagging match with him or his handful of cult followers – If you don’t like me or what I do on the live etc. then that’s fine, just don’t watch! 

What I wanted to do though is show this pathetic little man that his lies, threats, bullying and any other anti behaviour will be made public BUT not giving him any of the publicity he needs to massage his over inflated ego and show how ridiculous he is.